Free, Weekly Informal “Be Clutter Free” Coaching Sessions

We are excited to announce free, weekly informal “Be Clutter Free” Coaching sessions to celebrate “Get Organized Month” every  Tuesday in January from 3-4 pm at the Bellingham Public Market.

Naomi and Jesse will both be there with free informational handouts and ideas to share about practical ways to live more clutter free lives.  We hope these weekly informal conversations will give you useful ideas for your organizing projects and for keeping things organized.    We celebrate Get Organized Month because we believe creativity, smart design, and efficient function in our homes and work spaces help make our lives work better in every way.  We love beauty in both theory and practice, and because we are big on process, sustainability, and finding solutions that match your purse.

But most of all, we celebrate because we love what we do.  We know how happy and strong it makes people feel when they start learning to declutter their homes and their lives.  We love the joyful energy our clients experience after a few hours of decluttering, and the calm joy they feel when a project is finished.  We want more of both kinds of energy in the world, so we are really doing this to save the world, one mess at a time.

Bellingham Public Market

If you aren’t familiar with it, the Public Market has a nice public meeting space inside with tables, chairs, and couches with good food and other shops all around it.  Kind of like a small, indoor park, with a big parking lot.  We’ll be there from 3 to 4 pm every Tuesday in January with materials and information to share, and we hope you’ll stop by.  Tell and/or bring your friends.

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