A New Way for Us to Help You Get Organized

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, organizing, and our clients in the last five years, including the important fact that doing a “clean sweep” kind of organizing job – where we work fast to complete a room or project in a day – doesn’t work for everyone.  For creative people – and especially for those of us with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and/or ADD tendencies – the “clean sweep” method of organizing is not always the best way to begin.

With the help of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (formerly known as the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization), we have expanded our services to include coaching, a client-centered partnership committed to helping people gain peace of mind through the process of decluttering their lives.

As coaches, our work is to help you stay focused, challenged, and motivated.  We recognize your inherent brilliance and personal power to discover your own solutions when provided with support, accountability, and unconditional positive regard.

If you think coaching might be for you, we are now interviewing for long-term and short-term coaching clients in the following areas:


  • Long-term coaching for increased creative vitality through the process of getting organized.
  • Short-term coaching for
    • Paper management systems
    • File plans
    • Organizing your off-line computer life, including
      • Mastering Word, Excel, and Publisher
      • File organization
      • E-mail management


  • Short term coaching for
    • Organizing your on-line computer life, including
      • Social media – Facebook, Twitter
      • Photo sharing and storage
      • Bookmarks
      • On-line presence and privacy
  • Organizing your off-line computer life
    • File organization
    • E-Mail management

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