Today I Lost My Keys

Today I lost my keys.  This caused quite a panic, because I have a system for putting away my keys that works really well and actually losing my keys was quite unexpected.  I searched the house, pockets, bags, and boxes, and contemplated canceling my appointments for the rest of the day if I truly couldn’t leave the house. I finally found them in the passenger footwell of my car, under a CD case. They wound up there because we got back from Christmas vacation yesterday, and they evidently didn’t make it back to their customary spot in the flurry of unpacking.

Here’s the lesson I learned: when you come back from vacation and you’re unpacking and putting everything away, double check the items you’ll need at hand when you get back to your regular routine. What will you need when you walk out the door for your first day back at work? What will the kids need when they’re getting ready for the first day back at school? Is everything in the place you would normally have it, ready to go?

If you don’t have a place for your keys and purse, make a place right now! Then promise yourself that you’ll always put your keys and purse/bag there as a part of your coming home routine, whether you’re coming home from a trip to the grocery store, or a two week vacation.

I was also reminded today that although I’ve chosen organizing as a career because I enjoy organizing, I’m not always organized. I make the same mistakes we all do – putting off that stack of filing to do, keeping way too many clothes in my closet, and… misplacing my keys.

Take a few moments to think about small yet important things (like your keys) that cause you great stress if they’re lost, and decide right now to give yourself the gift of NOT losing your keys or wallet or cell phone in the New Year!

One response to “Today I Lost My Keys

  1. Naomi,

    Great post, I am right there with you… I lost my keys once and it just about killed me! Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a “findologist” — this person says that statistically, things you lose are no more than 20 inches away from where you lost them. Interesting! Keep up the good work.

    John aka OrganizingLA

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