"Honor and respect those things that make your heart sing."

My title for tonight’s blog is a quote from Peter Walsh. Peter is an L.A. based professional organizer who has been featured several times by Oprah. His most recent Oprah show was last Wednesday. I didn’t get to watch the show, but I just read through the synopsis, and as always, I was inspired by what Peter had to say.

What does it mean, “honor and respect those things that make your heart sing”? If you struggle with clutter, you may feel that you love everything you have and you just can’t bear to part with any of it. Or maybe someone’s told you to just “give it all to Goodwill”, but you don’t want to do that because you know, or suspect, that somewhere in the “pile” are things that truly are precious to you.

Peter’s point is that if you really love something, it deserves a place of honor and respect in your home. Yet so often, we don’t actually treat our valued possessions that way. We leave shoes scattered around and the dog discovers a great new chew toy… we store precious family photos in bins or boxes, and they get bent and faded… or we pack up “precious” belongings, stow them in the garage, and never actually use or enjoy them.

As organizers, it’s our job to be your coaches and helping hands so you can clear away the clutter and create space to honor and respect the things you love. One of the most rewarding parts of working with clients is when we hear these words: “oh, there’s [fill in the blank]!” We love helping you discover buried treasures! You can reclaim your space.  If you need some help or encouragement, we’d love to work with you.

One response to “"Honor and respect those things that make your heart sing."

  1. Finding precious forgotten things is the best 🙂

    I’m glad to see your blog, how neat!

    Take care,

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