Do You Use Your Wall Space?

Do you make this common organizing mistake? I do. Whenever I’m having difficulty with organization in a room or area of my home, I’ve often failed to use my available wall space effectively.

Here are a few ways to use wall space:

1. Shelving! Deep, narrow, all shapes and sizes – there’s a shelf to fit your needs (or you can make one)
2. Hooks and racks. Handy for hanging anything from keys to coats to tools.
3. Cork board or dry erase surface (many are now also magnetic). Can be used for keeping lists, hanging up important papers, or just posting something fun.
4. Filing containers designed to hold papers or clipboards – they come in all shapes and sizes.
5. Lighting. Don’t forget adequate lighting! It can completely change the feel and function of a space.
6. Artwork. Make your space beautiful!

Of course, it’s important to keep function in mind. If you put up a dry erase board, will you be able to write on it comfortably in that location? If not, you probably won’t use it.  Is your key hook located in a place where you can easily hang up your keys as soon as you walk in the door?  If you always come in through the garage, don’t put the key hook by the front door.

Utilizing wall space offers you more ways to keep things at eye level and within easy reach. You’re more likely to remember to sign that important school paper if it’s on your “to do” cork board than if it’s buried in a stack of papers on the kitchen counter.

Take a quick tour of your home or office and think about how you might use any wall space that’s currently empty.

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